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About Us

Our team is comprised of physical therapists with expertise in ergonomic and MSD prevention with a specific focus on use of ergonomic tools, employee wellness strategies, and ongoing individual advice on daily work habits. 

Having partnered with the Duffy Rath System® since 2010 we have over 12 years of experience working in production, labor and office type work with a record of reducing ergonomic related recordable injuries.  We are well versed in OSHA regulations and rules for providing first aide and utilization of prevention strategies related to MSD’s

John Johnson PT, MS, CEES

John has been a practicing Physical Therapist  since 1982. He holds an advanced degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and is Certified in Ergonomics.  He owned and operated his own out-patient practice between 2002 an 2014 and has practiced as an Injury Prevention Specialist consultant for industry over the past 12 years working with a wide array of workers from Maintenance/Laborers, Manufacturing and Office personnel.  His passion is wellness and prevention of MSD’s and life/work balance.

Physical Therapists and Ergonomics

As physical therapists, we understand the impact of movement and postures both normal and abnormal and their effect on the tendons, muscles and joint structures.  We understand the body’s physiological responses of strain, recovery and remodeling in response to these forces.
Ergonomics Performance Solutions provides hands-on analysis of  work and the worker in the industrial or home environment to assess set up, proper use of tools and physical space alignment to optimize comfort and function and minimize abnormal stresses on our musculoskeletal (MS) system. Also essential is controlling the internal factors.  These include our postural habits, how we utilize the space and environment around us, how we respond to feeling of fatigue, stress or strain and how we recover from these stresses on a daily basis.  That is where education and interaction with the worker is essential.

Why seek assistance?

Prevention of MSD's related to repetitive use, overexertion and or poor work environment.

Injury Prevention in the Workplace

Have seen an increase in or persistence of ergo or over exertion related MSD’s in the workplace and seeking advice on establishing a plan for prevention of future injuries.

Risk Assessment

Need assistance in assessment of ergonomic risks for a specific work tasks that pose MSD risk concerns.