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Protect your workers from injury
Ergonomic Specialists to support your employees wherever they call work
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Office related work injuries
According to the National Safety Council, In the U.S. a worker is injured every 7 seconds
manual labor
Physically demanding labor jobs
Risk assessment and injury prevention solutions

Home Office & Onsite Services

Select either virtual home office or In-person consultation in office or industrial work settings, to maximize comfort, safety and efficiency.


Ergonomic assessment of specific work tasks and habits to develop strategies for reducing MSD risks.

Training and Education

Group workshops and coaching on body mechanics, ergonomic awareness and musculoskeletal injury prevention strategies customized for specific work tasks or departments.

Ergonomic Performance Solutions

Integrating ergonomics with human factors for comprehensive injury prevention and work wellness


Since my evaluation and your recommendations (exercises, adjustments, etc.) and modifications, I really feel a difference. The pain is subsiding (to include the trigger fingers) and I really feel a lot better. Either way, this modification has been life-changing and I am really glad I called you.
Karen M
Systems Engineer
Thursday, August 31, 2021
I was extremely fortunate to find John Johnson. My experience with John was different from any other. He possesses an ability to not only provide his extensive expertise but does so with a unique, personal commitment to the individual. His personal commitment motivated me beyond anything I could have done on my own.
Joseph D
I am more comfortable now. I am now able to work more time without pain. Thank you!
Paul D
Founder & CEO
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John has been an Ergonomics consultant for my company for over 10 years. Our ergonomic-related injury rates have decreased substantially during that time. John is very well accepted by all of our employees, from our hourly folks to upper-level managers. He is extremely knowledgeable about Ergonomics and ways to optimize work station set-ups, both in production areas and in offices. He also provides general and specific training that includes stretches and other ways to prevent injuries. He has been an invaluable resource for us, I highly recommend him!
Pamela R
ESH specialist Lockheed Martin